Colin Oyama: Director of Team Oyama

Colin Oyama

For 22 years, Colin Oyama has been training athletes in mixed martial arts (MMA) through his gym, Team Oyama, in Irvine, California. He recruits and develops athletes to compete at all levels. In addition to training athletes himself, he also recruits the right assistant coaches to continue the training. Colin Oyama's fighters have gone on to secure many titles, competing in almost every major fighting organization in the world. Currently, Team Oyama has fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Bellator. His fighters have won titles in Muay Thai, IKKC, and IKF, among others.

Colin Oyama is also successful at managing his gym, which offers a wide array of classes for all skill levels and various disciplines. It is one of the largest MMA and fitness gyms in the area, offering 12,000 square feet full of amenities, including a boxing ring and a grappling mat.

Team Oyama offers a two-day guest pass. To find out more, visit